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Cookies policy

The use of cookies on ESMEDAGRO web sites

ESMEDAGRO web sites use proprietary and third party cookies to improve user experience and to offer the best services.

If you browse ESMEDAGRO`s web sites, you are accepting the use of cookies under the conditions established in this Cookies Policy. Since this policy can be updated, ESMEDAGRO invites you to review it regularly.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the cookies classified as Proprietary are essential for being able to navigate ESMEDAGRO`s web sites normally.

What are cookies?

They are small data files that the internet server sends to the device with which you connect to ESMEDAGRO`s web sites and that it stores. They are only associated to your browser and do not provide your personal data. Cookies cannot damage your device and they are also very useful, as they help ESMEDAGRO to identify and resolve errors.

If you would like further information about how they work, please visit and

What does ESMEDAGRO use cookies for?

ESMEDAGRO uses cookies on its portals for:

Assuring the web pages work correctly

Storing your preferences, such as the language you have selected or the size of the font

Knowing about your browsing experience.

Compiling anonymous statistical information, such as the pages you have viewed or how much time you have spent browsing.

What types of cookies do ESMADAGRO web sites use?


Third party cookies

Type of cookie

Information collected

What it is used for

Google Analytics

Device type, browser used, web access origin, browsing activity and search terms used.

They serve to analyse users` browsing habits, with the aim of optimising functionalities and the technical and operational maintenance of the site and guaranteeing the best service possible.


Information about the interaction with the web site (service requested, date and time), type of browser and language, geographical location..

They help to improve and manage users` exposure to internal campaigns, preventing promotions about products already contracted from appearing, etc.

Behavioural advertising 




Improve Digital


The Rubicon Project




Right Media









IP address, operating system type, browser type, pages visited.

Used to personalise internal campaigns and show adverts that are adapted to users` preferences.

How are cookies administered in the browser?

The most popular browsers have configuration options and security functionality that enable you to prevent cookies and/or other browsing data collection systems from being installed on your device. Your browser can be configured to reject cookies, although this may block certain functionalities or limit access to some content on ESMADAGRO web sites.

You can consult the steps to follow to disable cookie installation in the "Help" sections on the web sites for each browser:

Internet Explorer: Tools → Internet Options → Privacy → Configuration.

For further information, please see soporte de Microsoft or the Help section in your browser

Firefox: Tools → Options → Privacy → History → Personalised configuration.

For further information, please see soporte de Mozilla or the Help section in your browser.

Chrome: Configuration → Show advanced options → Privacy → Content configuration.

For further information, please see soporte de Google or the Help section in your browser.

Safari: Preferences → Security.

For further information, please see soporte de Apple or the Help section in your browser.